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30 June 2009

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Human resources

DMSM has a team of 52 people, including 34 on a permanent basis:

  • 13 faculty staff with 3 HDR and/or ERE,
  • 5 postdoctoral fellows,
  • 13 doctoral students,
  • 2 engineers,
  • 17 technicians,
  • 2 assistants.

Material resources

The department has specific installations for tests and control, including:

  • hydraulic fatigue machines of 10, 16 and 30 tons,
  • a 10,000-joule rapid impact bench (200 m/s),
  • a drop tower, 10,000 joules (10 m/s),
  • a laser vibrometer,
  • an industrial radiography testing installation for metal or composite parts,
  • an ultra sound testing installation to analyze damage to composites,
  • chemistry equipment to calculate the percentage of composite fibers.
  • The department has its own workshop to produce test specimens and structural elements of composite materials, as well as a mechanical engineering workshop equipped with conventional and digital-control milling machines.
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