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26 June 2009

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DMSM makes its skills and resources available for the training units of SUPAERO and ENSICA in solid mechanics and specialized ISAE masters programs, namely «Aeronautical and spatial structure» and «Aeronautical Engineering».

DMSM deals with the scientific disciplines relative to solid mechanics, including the fundamentals of general mechanics and continuous solids. Structures, in particular, thin structures, are the subject of developments and static analysis, dynamics and thermodynamics, leading to certification of aerospace type structures on the one hand and the uses and qualification of structural metal and composite materials within structural elements, on the other. DMSM’s three professors, nine associate-professors and three engineer-researchers organize and direct the part-time teaching teams which provide instruction and follow up on various student projects: initiation to research, experimental work, end-of-studies projects, often carried out in synergy with the department’s theses. DMSM consequently coordinates over 150 part-time teachers from industry, academia, research and development institutes.

Lastly, DMSM contributes to the common core subjects of the Masters program in mechanical engineering research of Toulouse in the area of structural dynamics and provides several optional modules for this program.

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