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Scientific stakes and organisation

26 June 2009

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Scientific Stakes

This department groups concentrates research driven in the multidisciplinary scientific fields of mathematics, computer science and control theory. The DMIA aims to develop methods, techniques and tools that make it possible to understand, analyze, evaluate, control and design, the functional and operational behavior and the performances of complex systems. The complexity of the systems studied by the DMIA encompass their physical laws, their dynamic behavior, time and resource constraints, large size, the diversity of their components and spatial distribution of their functions.


In order to address these scientific stakes, the department, thanks to its resources in mathematics, develops a transverse expertise in analysis, optimization and stochastic modeling. This mathematics expertise offers a sound formal support not only to define rigorous models in computer science or control theory but also in the broader scope of the science of engineering. On the basis of this transverse expertise in mathematics, the DMIA is organized as two research teams whose scope is defined both by thematic consistency and doctoral school concerns. The “Modeling and Architecture of Systems” team (MARS) covers mathematics and computer science, while the “Control, Decision and Interface of Systems” team (ADIS) covers of the control and command of systems. Technical staff provide multidisciplinary support to design and maintain experimental research or training platforms.

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