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reThinking rEliabiliTy foR long-delaY networkS

last modified 3 November 2009

TETRYS enables a new reliability algorithm specifically useful when retransmission is either problematic or not possible. In case of multimedia or multicast communications and in the context of the Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN), the classical retransmission schemes can be counterproductive in terms of data transfer performance or not possible when the acknowledgment path is not always available. Indeed, over long delay links, packets retransmission has a meaning of cost and must be minimized. The purpose of Tetrys is to propose a novel reliability mechanism with an implicit acknowledgment strategy that could be used either within these new DTN proposals, for multimedia traffic or in the context of multicast transport protocols. This proposal is based on a new on-the-fly erasure coding concept specifically designed to operate efficient reliable transfer over bi-directional links. Tetrys allows to unify a full reliability with an error correction scheme. Tetrys is not sensitive to the loss of acknowledgments while ensuring a faster data availability to the application compared to other traditional acknowledgment schemes.

See these following papers for further details:

On-the-Fly Coding for Real-Time Applications - In Proc. of ACM Multimedia 2009

Rethinking Reliability for Long-Delay Networks - In Proc. of IWSSC 2008

On-the-Fly Coding for Time-Constrained Applications - ISAE Technical Report 2008

On-the-Fly Coding to Enable Full Reliability Without Retransmission - ISAE Technical Report 2008

A Tetrys demo is also available here

Contacts Jérôme Lacan and Emmanuel Lochin

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