Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, Control of the ISAE

ERN approaches for satellites topology

3 November 2009

Router-assisted congestion control protocols, also known as Explicit Rate Notification (ERN) protocols, implement complex algorithms inside a router in order to provide both high link utilization and high fairness. Thus, router-assisted approaches overcome most of the end-to-end protocols problems in large bandwidth-delay product networks. Today, router-assisted protocols cannot be deployed in heterogeneous networks (e.g., Internet) due to their non-compliance with current network protocols. Nevertheless, these approaches can be deployed in satellite networks in the context of splitting PEPs. As router-assisted protocols can use TCP algorithms to enable reliability, this project aims at understanding and providing a detailed view of the impact of such algorithms on the performance obtained by router-assisted protocols over satellite links. In particular, we both study XCP and P-XCP proposals over long delay, lossy and asymmetric links and propose an ns-2 implementation of the P-XCP protocol to the satellite community.

Further details are given in this paper.

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