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Communication Networks

last modified 17 June 2011

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Industrial, governmental and academic partnerships

  • TéSA,
  • CNES,
  • Thales,
  • NICTA (Australie),
  • 7-IP (Australie),
  • University of Karlstad (Suède),
  • CNIT-Padoue (Italie).

Permanent staff: J. Lacan, E. Lochin, T. Pérennou, P. Sénac

PhD students:

  • N. Kuhn : erasure codes and cross-layer interactions (with E. Lochin and J. Lacan)
  • H.C. Bui : physical erasure coding scheme (with J. Lacan)
  • A.D. Nguyen : mobility models (with P. Senac)
  • R. Diana : capacity estimation and routing over DTN satellite constellation (with E. Lochin)
  • H. Meric : Unequal protection for satellite communications (with J. Lacan)
  • G. Smith : erasure coding for satellite communications (with E. Lochin and J. Lacan - co-tutelle with NICTA)
  • T. Tran Thai : erasure coding for multimedia (with J. Lacan)
  • Golam Sarwar : multipath protocols (with E. Lochin - co-tutelle with NICTA)


  • Pierre-Ugo Tournoux (PhD 2010) is now researcher at NICTA
  • Amine Bouabdallah (PhD 2010) is now research assistant
  • Guodong Mao (PhD 2010) is now research assistant
  • Alexandre Soro (PhD 2010) is now software engineer
  • Ali Mahmino (PhD 2009) is now lecturer at Damas University
  • Lei Zhang (PhD October 2009) is now INRIA expert engineer
  • D. Lopes (post-doc 2008-2009) now assistant professor at l’Université de Nice

Contact:, phone: +33 (0) 5 61 33 92 20

This theme groups all of the research topics concerning communication networks at the DMIA/MARS department. The identified goals are:

  • to study enabling mechanisms in the design of communication architectures that can dynamically adapt to variations of application-level needs for quality of service, versatility of the network-offered quality of service and diversity of new-generation communication systems,
  • to develop a transport-level architecture tailored for satellite communications in a multipoint and mobile context. Studies focus on cross-layer reliability mechanisms, exploitation of error correction codes and encapsulation of IP in DVB-S2,
  • to study geo-localization of mobile hosts in indoor and urban environments based on collaborative tools.
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