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Latest addition : 2 July 2009.

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Centre Manager: Christian Colongo

Tel.: + 33 5 62 17 81 24

ISAE’s Aeronautics and Space Center (CAS) logically fulfills a supporting role for research activities related to design or development of aeronautics and space systems. These activities take two forms. First, CAS develops resources for quality of service in research and teaching (aeronautics simulation, space simulation, airborne resources, etc.). Secondly, it carries out its own studies and research in areas requiring high-level expertise in several co-related disciplines. For example:

  • research on human factors, calling for extensive knowledge of airplanes (behavior, onboard systems) and humans (behavior, reactions, physiological markers),
  • development of drones based on conventional design disciplines (aerodynamics, propulsion, automated systems, etc.).
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